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Brain Research in India


Brain Research in Golden City, India, January 2006

An EEG brainmapping study of 12 participants in the 21-day process in Golden City in January 2006 was conducted by a research team consisting of:

- Erik Hoffmann, Research Director, New Brain-New World, Copenhagen
- Harald Kjellin, Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden
- Inger Spindler, Neurotherapist, New Brain-New World, Copenhagen

Quantative EEG and Brainmaps were made of the 12 participants before and after the process in order to document changes in their brain functions. They were also interviewed before and after the course. Here is a brief summary of the results:

We analyzed 26 EEG variables and only found statistically significant changes in a few of these after the process. A solid finding was a strong tendency for the two brain hemispheres to function more symmetrically following the process. This balancing of the left and the right brain was most pronounced in the posterior (occipital-parietal) areas where this tendency toward symmetry was found in 11 out of the 12 subjects. In technical terms, the right/left mean ratio of Alpha waves (8-12Hz) during baseline with eyes closed changed for the group mean from 1.18 to 1.04 where 1.00 is absolute symmetry between the hemispheres.

Another interesting finding was an increase of fast Gamma wave activity (25-42Hz) in the frontal lobes after the process. Since these measurements demanded some special equipment, we were only able to measure six out of the 12 subjects. However all six subjects showed substantial increases of Gamma activity in the prefrontal cortex. Actually the mean Gamma amplitudes increased from 10.5 to 15.8 microvolts with open eyes which is an increase of about 50%.

We believe that the changes we found following the 21-day process demonstrate improved brain functions. Better hemispheric symmetry reflects improved cooperation and communication between the right and the left brain, and the increased Gamma in the frontal area indicates an activation of what we call the 'New Brain' which is crucial for the awakening process and the oneness state.

With this small group of 12 people, we did not find any significant correlation between the scores from the questionnaire and the EEG data, except for one important variable. The two people who benefited the most from the 21-day process, according to the psychological evaluation, both had exceptionally high frontal Gamma levels. They were actually both considered to be in the awakened state. 

The finding of increased Gamma in the frontal lobes seems to be very significant. Professor Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin found in spiritually evolved Zen monks very high levels of Gamma activity in the frontal area. During deep meditation, on for example thankfulness, the Gamma level increased even further. Thus High Gamma levels, especially in the left prefrontal area of the brain seems to be the trade mark of enlightenment (see above figure).

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