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Alpha and Meditation

Alpha Training for deep Meditation

Alpha waves reflect the brain’s idle function in the awake condition. When we relax with closed eyes, most people produce a certain amount of Alpha waves. The moment you start doing something - concentrating, thinking, liste­ning, etc. - Alpha wa­ves are blocked or reduced in amplitude (see figure).  On the other hand if you get drowsy Alpha activity will also drop down. Thus, in order to stay in the high Alpha state, you must keep a certain balance between drowsiness and alertness. Alpha is pure consciousness or being without any doings. It represents a gate between the outer and the inner world – between the conscious and the unconscious.

Since research has documented that deep meditation is almost always associated with high Alpha activity in the brain, the high Alpha state has become almost synonymous with deep meditation. When a person is not able to meditate properly, stress is usually the problem. If the person is tense, have a busy mind and a lot of resistance to what is, Alpha activity will be inhibited and it is impossible for the person to meditate.

In order to produce Alpha waves you must control your attention and direct it toward your inner body ignoring all outside stimuli. If any thoughts appear in that state you should not follow them but observe them passively as you would observe drifting clouds in the sky.

Alpha waves reflect a calm, open, balanced mind with a free flow of energy and a good connec­tion to the body and its feelings. During stress, a blocking of energy will result in low Alpha or no Alpha activity, and in the long run this may lead to various stress symp­toms and burn-out.

Alpha wave training dissolves stress and promotes meditation

During Alpha training you consciously let go of your inner tensions thereby dissolving blockages. The energy follows your conscious attention and the process is accompanied by increasing Alpha activity. When you are training Alpha waves you stimulate the free flow of energy. The blood supply to the brain increases and the immune system is strengthened. Going into Alpha makes a conscious space for the dissolution of stress.  

Alpha training, then, is conscious and systematic focusing of mental energy. It is a recharge of the brain with new energy which is then available for intellectual and creative activities. Alpha wave training is effective against stress because the training attacks the problems at their roots. It removes or reduces the habitual tendency to tense, resist and block the energy in response to stressful situations. While other methods of stress management usually try to establish new behaviour patterns, Alpha wave training focuses on eliminating the old inappropriate patterns and habits which lead to the stress condition. While other methods try to re-program you, Alpha wave training will actually de-program you. The training heightens consciousness and makes you more aware of yourself, your body and your environment. It also teaches you to stay relaxed and focused in times of stress. This is the way to learn to meditate properly.

A person with a high Alpha level has an efficient brain and goes without effort from one  task to another. This person is aware and present in the moment, his or her energy flows freely and no stress accumulates. The goal of Alpha training is to advance the ability to perform most tasks in Alpha.