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Excerpts from Book


Content of the Book:

·    Science of Consciousness

·    Evolution of the Human Brain

·    Effects on the Brain of Meditation, Primal Therapy, Deeksha and
    the Drinking of Ayahuasca

·   Kundalini Awakening, Samadhi and Cosmic Consciousness

·   Brain Wave Training for Body Awareness, Focus and Presence

·   The New Human Brain: The Evolution of the Frontal Lobes and   the Right Hemisphere

·   Consciousness Transformation and the Creation of a New World


Brief Summary of the Book

My book is primarily an attempt to relate global consciousness transformation to brain evolution and to changes in brain physiology. It is my firm belief that humans are developing a new brain which eventually will raise their consciousness to a much higher level.
In trying to do that I have gathered research results from the scientific literature as well as from my own 40 years of consciousness research in areas such as meditation, feeling release therapy, the drinking of ayuahuasca (a mind-expanding herbal tea) and brain wave training (neurofeedback).

I maintain that the global crisis facing us is basically a crisis of consciousness, and it is the human ego with its destructive feelings and insatiable greed that stands in the way of a new and better world.

But how can we raise our level of consciousness beyond the ego? I feel certain that a change of brain physiology is necessary in order to achieve a higher consciousness. I foresee that a new level of brain organization will evolve on top of the old one providing the necessary hardware for a higher consciousness. This new brain, I believe, will include more energized and active frontal lobes together with an opening up of the neural connections between the left and the right cerebral hemisphere. When this happens, a new species of ‘front brain–right hemisphere’ people will emerge. They will be a new race of humans who have the ability to create a new and better world.

When the new brain starts to function, an awakening to a higher level of consciousness takes place. It will be like waking up from a dream. There will be a heightened state of awareness, where the thinking mind becomes very quiet, perceptions get more vivid and real, and the main focus will be in the present moment. In addition, behaviour becomes much more spontaneous and intuitive, and there will be an increase in one’s love, compassion and concern for other people and their well being.

In my own research I have observed how important it is to differentiate between altered states of consciousness (induced by meditation, hypnosis or mind-altering drugs) and higher (awakened) states. Altered states only seem to implicate the right hemisphere (and the unconscious) while higher states of consciousness primarily involve the frontal cortex and only secondarily the right hemisphere.